To maintain the passion within your couple, it is important to play on seduction. The best way to surprise men is to surprise them with sexy lingerie. Indeed, this outfit finely reveals the different curves of a woman and makes her more attractive. For a romantic evening, face to face with your partner, discover what kind of sensual lingerie to choose to amaze him and make him fantasize.

Symbol of feminine sensuality: the garter belt

The garter belt is the ultimate sexy woman's underwear. It brings a hint of glamour combined with incomparable erotic power. If previously this accessory was used to keep stockings in place, nowadays it is used in a completely different context. You can see this site to learn more and take a look at all the available models. The suspender belt evokes the representation of the Pin-up girls of the 60s - 70s, and nowadays it represents a powerful seduction for naughty moments in love. On a few platforms online or in store, you have a wide choice of trendy, sexy and colorful suspender belts to ignite your partner's desire. For a 50's style, a rather retro look, you can choose a corset with suspender belt to have a baroque and glamorous look, at the same time to seduce your man hands down. The g-string combined with a suspender belt is the most classic model to amaze your partner for sure. With stiletto heels or pumps, you are sure to spend a moment of pure ecstasy.

Light but provocative little outfit: open lingerie

For the more adventurous, several sites of famous brands like estella propose more models of erotic lingerie. Although the open style was still frowned upon in recent years, naughty lingerie is now more present among the most popular lingerie brands for women. This so-called open style model allows you to show all your intimate parts without shame, producing an unbeatable erotic sensation to amaze your partner in just a few seconds. The closest example is the slit thong where you can see a small opening on the underside. They are sexy, glamorous and very exciting thanks to this opening discreetly placed underneath your erogenous zones. Breast revealing or quarter-breasted bras are interesting as they also have the power to titillate your man. For an evening full of erotic surprises, opt for open lingerie.

To make you fall for it for sure: the essential babydoll.

Men appreciate the fact that their partners go to great lengths to keep the flame of desire burning between them. If you're not sure what kind of sexy lingerie will make your partner vibrate, you can always opt for a babydoll. Whether satin, lace or tulle, the babydoll always has a thrilling effect. Inside, you can wear lace lingerie to stimulate more passion. To become a tempting woman by wearing a babydoll, choose the colour red or a brighter one to increase your seductive charm. To boost even more the desired effect, you can put forward the transparency to show your different curves with a lace or tulle babydoll. With a g-string for the bottom, it becomes real fantasy lingerie. For an even more impressive look, the teddy open at the front may very well do the trick. The cleavage well highlighted, the curves perfectly traced, this kind of teddy is not likely to leave your man indifferent.