Fancy a change of clothes? Take an interest in Seoul Fashion Week! You will surely be amazed by the nerve and eccentricity of the models on the runway during this event. This event, organized in this country since the 2000s, allows many designers to propose clothes that are above all very avant-garde.

Everyday fashion

Since the dawn of time, Asian women and men have taken care of their appearance. The same is true in the fashion industry. Young people in particular are a major clientele in this area. Image is paramount and the purchase of the latest articles is the main thing. The Korean designers have therefore focused on everyday wear. It is indeed not always easy to wear an eccentric garment every day. If there is a continent that allows itself everything in the field of fashion, it is the Asian continent. Often inspired by the Hanboks, fashion is reinventing this traditional costume by declining it with new materials and colors. Largely inspired by Korean pop stars and K-drama actors, the clothing universe is marked by rock, electronic, hip-hop or R'n'B styles. Wise, extravagant, crazy, all looks are found and mixed together. Several brands share the favours of fashion fans. The most famous one, 8seconds, plays between classic and extravagant. Rather casual, the Lucky Chouette brand adopts over-sized outfits. Sobriety can be found at Banila B, but with original notes that make the outfits unique. Renowned designers Steve J. & Yoni P. adorn their models with unusual colours, materials and patterns. Asian men are also very fashion conscious. Fashion designers do not hesitate to show originality during the shows by making them wear make-up and feminine clothes. Beyond Closet, a brand dedicated to men, dresses them in a rather young style with sweatshirts and flocked jackets more or less soberly, reminiscent of American campuses.

The accessories

A very simple outfit is quickly revealed thanks to the accessories, and as with clothing, accessories can be very eye-catching, such as wedge-heeled shorts or high socks worn with a short skirt. Jewellery, on the other hand, is often more discreet with shiny stones, as are hair clips, which are indispensable accessories. Caps, cloche hats and caps adorn the heads of both women and men. An essential complement to a perfect look is the bag. Here again, all styles are present. From the small classic bag to the backpack, via the shopper bag, all materials are represented. Leather, imitation leather, fabric, rattan, canvas, they can be transparent, checked, with a leopard or graphic print. Each outfit is embellished with a bag that sublimates the whole.

Where to find Asian style clothes?

Unless you are travelling to this distant continent, purchases are often made on dedicated websites. Before ordering, it is important to remember that Asian sizes do not necessarily correspond to European sizes. If you do not opt for a one-size piece, take care to carefully take the appropriate measurements. You will find a multitude of sites offering clothing and accessories. However, I suggest you to visit the one of Melo Likes. Incollable on this subject, this site is run by a young French-Taiwanese woman desperate to enjoy Asian fashion in France. Strong of her knowledge and her numerous travels, she decided to import herself articles inspired by this style. You will thus find in her online shop clothes and accessories. Sometimes intriguing with extravagant outfits, sometimes very wise with a lot of class, sometimes Americanized with very large outfits, sometimes directly inspired by traditional costumes, Chinese and Asian fashion has nothing to envy the great French couturiers. Playing on the cult of beauty and appearance so important in this culture, the designers know, each season, how to propose articles corresponding in all points to the different styles. The search for detail is a specificity of this fashion mixing tradition and avant-gardism.