Online jewellery shops are the best place to explore the power of minerals and natural stones since it provides an exceptional creation of jewellery and ornaments. Lithotherapy shops contain a wide range of items and jewellery to meet every customer’s needs. In natural stones, the online stores will try to produce the best products to protect the natural relationship and harmony found in minerals and crystals. Are you searching for the best place to purchase ruby jewellery online? You are in the right place! You will learn more about natural gemstones in this jewellery guide to answer all the common questions regarding buying. Rubies are gemstones known mainly for their bright red colour. They are considered as the birthstone of people born in July and are faceted from corundum minerals same as sapphire.

Gems are high-quality stones with different strengths, colours, and aesthetic value, making them the best alternative for ornaments on jewellery. All gems are natural; hence there are unique in shape and composition. Therefore, any gem ornament you buy has a special and quality to meet your desired needs. Ruby is red corundum, while any other corundum colour is sapphire. Corundum is a colourless mineral that turns into different colours when it comes in contact with chemical impurities. Chromium impurity is responsible for the formation of ruby from corundum. Before buying rubies, you need to know many things to have the best quality in the market.

What to look for when buying rubies online

There is a grading system set forth by the Gemological Institute of America for diamond testing. The system is called 4Cs. Gemstones also follow the same diamond guidelines but don’t include grades. The cut is the first C to consider when buying gemstone online. Rubies are natural and native-cut; hence, there is less effort to control the gemstone’s size and shape of its inclusions. Standard facets are used in cutting to avoid the display of colour and ton of light. Sometimes, rubies can undergo a recut, but the cut does not affect coloured gems as it does in shape, which affects the value. The desired shape of rubies is round brilliants which are essential and maximising the light going through it. Rubies form an essential part of natural stone jewellery which are polished and cut but not faceted. Some corundum inclusions result in a natural display of asterisk in the stone referred to as star rubies. Low-quality rubies are used in cabochons, making them part of some jewellery.

Colour is an important aspect to consider when buying rubies online since the gem is valued for its clarity, tone, saturation, and colour hue. The tone of the gem is measured from dark to colourless. Therefore, the grading term includes light, very light, medium dark, medium very dark, and dark. Most admirable gems are found in the very dark and medium range. Similar to other gemstones, rubies have different hues desired by different buyers. High quality and the most desirable gem has a blood-red hue. Other ranges of hues include pinkish red, orangey-red, and purplish red.

The clarity of the gem refers to the transparency of the stone when it is reflected by light. The scale used to measure rubies clarity contains 13, 12, S12, 11, VS, IF, S11 and VVS. When buying rubies, make sure they have eye-clean clarity that ranges from S11 to VS2. It is possible to have a gem with clarity of 1, but you need to spend a lot of time with the viewer for 360 views. Therefore, it is vital to see the stone before ordering one. All gems’ inclusions are natural; hence it is not necessary to have them in each crystal. The placement of inclusions determines the gem’s clarity, but you can have the same amount to be in a better clarity grade.

The intensity of colour in rubies is called saturation. The gem will either look greyish or brownish when the saturation is low, depending on the gem colour. The more the saturation, the more valued the gemstone. In colours like violet and blue, low saturation results in a greyish stone, while in warm colours like red, yellow, and orange, low saturation will lead to brownish stone colour.

It is very uncommon to have rubies larger than 1 carat. In the case of a gemstone larger than one carat, it will be costly. The size of rubies is one of the first and most important factors determining the overall price and value.

Caution when buying natural rubies online

Most people don’t trust online transactions. Thankfully, there has been an improvement in online security and advances. While your credit information might be safe on other platforms, you don’t have to worry when buying rubies online. However, you need to learn about a couple of things to have a suitable stone.

One of the words that you need to avoid is simulated rubies or simulant. Simulated rubies are man-made rubies to resemble genuine stones. Scam websites use rubies as the keyword in their title so that anyone searching for them will land in their online shop. Most of the simulants come at a lower price than the real gemstone. The most used simulant for rubies is cubic zirconia (CZ). Cubic zirconia comes in more than one colour, making it the best simulant for natural stone jewellery. Some simulants that are passed as rubies include dyed glass, garnet, and red spinel. You should be keen to distinguish natural rubies from simulants. The main difference between simulants and natural gem is that natural gemstones are mined while simulants are made in the lab, but they have similar chemical and physical compositions.

Ways of getting great deals when buying rubies online

You need to have some tips and reminders at the back of your head when purchasing rubies online to have the best deals. The first thing you should do is to see the stone first. The most opaque rubies are dark rubies, and they cannot reveal all the inclusions compared to transparent rubies. Therefore, you will need to counter-check all aspects when buying stones online, especially if it is a centre stone of your special jewellery like an engagement ring. The fact that rubies are expensive makes viewing either through 360 viewers, high magnification, or showroom viewing an important activity. Buying rubies online can be a little sketchy, especially when dealing with private dealers. This does not mean you cannot have a genuine stone from a local dealer, but there are stories of people being ripped off from the local transactions. Unless you are experienced in gem collection, you should avoid private dealers. Therefore, you need to select a reputable dealer to have the best and legit gemstone. You can ask for recommendations from some of your trusted friends to land a great deal from a reputable dealer online.

You should not compromise on gem cut. Corundum is ranked second after diamond in terms of hardness. On the Moh scale, corundum has a nine, making it a suitable jewellery to wear daily. Because of that, rubies are the most used and preferred centre stone on wedding bands and engagement rings. All gemstones have different strengths to survive every day’s bumps. Therefore, if your stone has a bad cut, it can be affected in terms of durability. When buying rubies online, make sure the weight is well-balanced and has a perfect and even cut. You will be confident of quality when you get rubies from a trusted dealer. You should not risk your money since gemstones are expensive, and it is essential to see the value of your hard-earned money.

Health benefits of rubies

Gemstones like rubies were thought to treat some health issues when swallowed as a portion or as ointments. The colour of gemstones was crucial in determining the medical use of the stone. Red gems like rubies and garnet were thought to cure and prevent inflammatory and blood diseases. Rubies have been used in litho therapy for a long time now. In litho therapy, rubies are used to protect the blood circulation system and heart from common problems. It preserves and stimulate kidney function to the maximum. Rubies are mostly known for their detox effect through lowering cholesterol levels in the body. The virtues, vitality, and energy that rubies have, make them the best in promoting longevity of cells. Some other virtues associated with gemstones include improving visual acuity, cramps relieve, tension reduction, and pain relief. Rubies are essential in giving enthusiasm and joy to life. Also, rubies can be a good help for people with sleep difficulties since it encourages positive dreams by keeping away nightmares. Considering all the benefits and meaning associated with rubies, you should not be surprised that rubies also have a lengthy and robust history of expressing love.