Gemstones have been an integral part of alternative medicine. This was recorded in Ancient Egypt and Rome. Their contribution to medicine range from mental to physiological conditions with tangible results recorded over time. The website has a list of the most popular ones recorded. The belief has been corroborated by recent events where some gemstones have a relaxing effect on the body. Among the stones exhibiting these properties include quartz, garnet, pearl, agate, amber and aquamarine. The benefits of these stones range from love, peace of mind, fertility, heart conditions and digestive issues. They do not need any incisions, ingestions or timing. They are mostly therapeutic and can easily blend into someone’s routine.

The Natural Stones and Their Benefits


  1. Amber – it is the most recognised natural stone, thanks to its benefits. It is known to relieve stress and anxiety. This is achieved by keeping emotions in check and fostering positivity in life. It is among the best litho therapy stones with tangible results.
  2. Pearl – from its appearance and shapes, the stone oozes with confidence to promote a happy feeling. It is also known to help with digestive disorders, fertility issues and cardiac difficulties. It is popular among Asian communities.
  3. Moonstone – from its name, the natural stone has the characteristics of the moon. All its benefits are what the moon is to people at night. It illuminates people to promote creativity, reduce anxiety, do away with depression and relieve insomnia.
  4. Aquamarine – its beauty is breath-taking; an important property in its health virtues. It was used as a sign of good luck (especially to sailors), promote positive energy and cure eyesight problems. The blue colour was a sign of peace and was instrumental in reducing fear.
  5. Citrine – although hard to come by, the stone was linked to general positivity. This ranges from confidence, generosity, optimism, stability and success. It is attractive as its brownish appearance is popular among revellers.
  6. Amethyst – purple is a colour of devotion, wisdom and independence. Amethyst brings all these properties alongside some soothing feeling. It rectifies mood disorders, anxiety and addictions. It is also associated with creativity, spiritual wellness and physical health.

The gemstones listed above are few compared to many gemstones which have multiple benefits to humanity. Others include Garnet, Agate, Alexandrite, Aventurine, Carnelian, Chalcedony and Crystal Quartz to mention a few. All these gemstones share common stone virtues; offer positive energy, reduce fear and promote general body wellness.

The Science Associated with the Stones Properties

Amber is the most featured stone. It has electromagnetic properties which help in healing skin disorders. Also, these magnetic tendencies make it a good therapy tool and the current help revitalise the body. This is instrumental in relieving joint pains and energize the endocrine system.

Most stones invoke the mental ability of a person and influences how people think and react. Colour themes and texture rejigs the mind and has a direct relationship on how people think, respond to changes and develop their lives. Psychiatry is the main engine that drives people’s minds, and these stones are known influencers.

Aspirations are futuristic tendencies that are created in the mind. Certain colours like blue, yellow and green are associated with the peace of mind, and by extension, creativity. They warm up the heart and improve perception to create an opportune environment for planning. A clear mind can conceptualise anything without distraction, which can be explained using science.

The Future of Natural Stones in Beauty and Health

There is increased research around these stones. Assertions from the past linked stones to certain physical and emotional disorders, and their role in successfully correcting these vices. The stone properties are being put to test in laboratories and the chemical findings linked to biological disorders. If the results turn out positive, it will be a huge relief to many natural stone jewellery lovers. Some stones like amber have their physical properties revealed and their contribution to health ascertained.

Ornaments are objects of beauty. Their value will always keep on appreciating, thanks to demand and aesthetic importance. As these stones keep being depleted, their value will increase with time. Their irresistible colours bring out the best in them. From the golden amber, reddish garnet, purplish amethyst to the white pearl, the beauty enhances the physical appearance.

The Choice of Stone on Jewellery

Jewellery ranges from necklace, earrings, bracelets, anklets to hairbands. Other accessories such as wristwatch, buttons and spectacles also have the stones. Various factors guide which stone to be used on which accessory.

  • Skin tone – a dark skin tone goes well with a bright colour. People with brown and dark skin should consider ornaments with stones like the pearl, Citrine, crystal quartz and diamond.
  • Colour of clothing – white dress goes well with dark ornaments, and the reverse is true. Jewellery made from fluorite, garnet, peridot should be worn with a white dress.
  • Taste and Preferences – different people have different colour preferences. Depending on the colour, choose the stone with same colour properties.
  • Strength of Stone – stones used to make accessories such as wristwatches and buttons should be strong enough to withstand the pressure exerted.