Online store locators have gained traction in the current e-commerce environment. An online store locator refers to an app or a website characteristic that enhances the user of the online sites to physically locate the opening hours and address of the site outlets. The users may be motivated by different factors to find out the physical location of the stores that they are dealing with during their purchasing process. With the advancement of technology, there are external mapping tools that can lead these users to the physical stores, but they are not as relevant and reliable as the host online store locators. Therefore, this makes the store locators appropriate during the purchase process. For further informations go to

Reasons that can prompt one to use the online store locator during purchasing

Cost-saving purpose

Under normal circumstances, users order their goods from online stores, and they are delivered at a cost. In the quest to avoid the costs associated with the shipping of the products, the shipping process can be skipped altogether. Customers can opt to pick the said goods from the stores that are located near their residences. In the end, the products will cost lower than the initial alternative. Some online stores tend to quote a manageable price for the goods in question to attract customers. However, their hidden costs lie in the shipping process. Therefore, it is crucial to apply the stores locator to limit the possibility of overspending on the said goods and services.

Product listing

It is necessary to know the presence of the goods that one is interested in. In some situations, the products may be out of stock in some stores while in stock in the others. Thus, to make a purchase decision depending on the knowledge of the availability of the product in question. Here, users can identify the relevant flagship store to purchase their goods. Also, through the locator, one can resolve to order online and pick the product in person.

Customer service purposes

After the purchase of the product, one may find it challenging to use it. Therefore, in the quest to obtain the relevant information, it may be crucial to visit the store in person, and this requires the knowledge of the physical location of the store in question. To obtain this, a store locator is necessary. Besides, the product may not meet the specifications of the user, and as a result, the need to return it may arise. This applies to the purchasers of the products that have a return policy. The users need to be sure that the product reaches the right hands, and this makes it necessary for them to visit these stores in person. Finally, concerning the products that have warranties, the users may resolve to seek those services in person. The need arises after the purchase of the product and the need to maintain and enhance the proper functioning of the product in question. In this case, the stores locator can help.


No doubt, the store locators are useful tools for both existing and potential site users. They not only give relevant information about the stores but also lead the users to their locations. Equally, they act as guiding points to enhance the purchase process and consumer satisfaction as they get the necessary information about the products when the need arises. Also, the fact that consumers like lower prices and other product-related costs, the store locators act as cost-saving tools that give them the alternative of picking the goods in question. Therefore, they cannot be replaced with other external tools that guide the users on the issues related to these sites.