Tights are designed to ensure women's comfort, but they must also bring elegance and enhance their beauty. Depending on the circumstances, each woman must be able to choose the model that suits her in terms of colour, condition (transparent, opaque or semi-opaque) and quality.

Quality above all

Finding perfect stockings that don't spill and wear out before the end of the day is no small task for women. Indeed, the quality and resistance of their material must take precedence in the selection of models to acquire. Socks that are free of enamel give a mediocre look and create a certain discomfort. To remedy this, opaque and resistant tights are produced. Nylon tights are the tights most commonly designed by designers for more class and elegance. In cold weather, wool and nylon are the most popular. However, the veil goes just as well with jeans or a floral print. The right size reflects the quality of the accessory and prevents it from slipping. Therefore, the choice must take into account the size of the person who will wear them.

Tips and tricks

Semi-opaque black stockings, from 20 to 40 denier, are suitable for daytime wear, as their matte appearance makes the leg look slimmer. For an evening, it is more appropriate to choose fine satin stockings, from 5 to 15 denier, in order to have thin and luminous legs. To accompany boots and short skirts, it's best to wear knee-highs at shoe level to protect them. Women should be aware that opaque colouring goes well with skirts and short dresses and shorts, especially when these garments are made of wool. As for stockings in veils, they should be worn with a suit or evening dress that is knee-high. All these small details are of paramount importance to be chic and elegant. Every woman should have at least 6 pairs of stockings in her winter wardrobe. This must include:
  • two thin, transparent stockings, black and flesh-colored;
  • another black semi-opaque stocking;
  • one opaque black;
  • one wool sock to keep warm;
  • One fancy stocking.
In all cases, for flesh-coloured accessories, it is important to make sure that the tone is well adapted. If the colour is not in the right skin tone, the woman who wears it will age noticeably. Every woman is free to follow the trend, just as she can have her own style, regardless of current fashion. With this in mind, some women have a soft spot for patterns and plumetis. These models can be worn, but care must be taken to ensure that the colour matches the complexion and the outfit. Fashion changes according to the periods, but black remains timeless. For fear of falling into bad taste, women can opt for classic black stockings. Hard-wearing products to keep you warm and comfortable In periods of extreme cold, boots are worn with warm tights. Ideally, opaque tights, from 40 denier, are the most suitable. They are stronger and do not come off easily. However, it must be recognized that stockings are made with thread. Also, the thinner they are, the less resistant they are. Thin pantyhose have a short life span, only one season and only if the owner takes good care of them. For opaque tights, made with more resistant yarns, the life span is longer. This depends on their quality and the care taken in their maintenance.