It is a timeless and elegant item that enhances all your outfits with charm and refinement. And it is a precious silk that folds to all desires. Tied around the neck, worn as a belt, dressed on the wrist or transformed into a bag jewel, the scarf is the most versatile accessory you can dream of. Large scarves come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Women's scarves are of the highest quality and handmade in the great tradition of traditional craftsmanship. But the square silk scarf remains an essential model that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Large or small square silk scarf by Princesses Foulard, you will find the square silk satin scarf 90×90cm or 50x50cm for women and men that you need. The square silk scarf was created in 1937 by a famous French fashion house Hermès, whose name the square silk scarf now bears. To find out more about tying a scarf read on. This square scarf has become timeless, unmissable, timeless and a great classic. This type of scarf is usually made of silk and can be worn on all occasions, regardless of a woman's style and age. Since its creation, the square scarf has been revisited many times, with different patterns and colors. This scarf remains a sure value and a great classic. For both men and women, you will find in these shop large and small silk squares, small gavroches to be tied around the neck for an elegant style or a chic dandy look.

Women's square silk scarf

The square silk scarf of silk quality is usually worn around the neck, to bring a little warmth. But there are many ways to tie your square silk scarf around your neck. The scarf can be simply tied, but you can also wear it like a stewardess, like a pirate or a bandana. The more stylish ones will wear the square scarf as a necklace or as a neck warmer. The square scarf can be worn around the head to add style to the silhouette or to protect the hair from the sun. Depending on the size of the square scarf, it can be worn as a silk stole to cover the shoulders in case of a slight cold. The more modern can wear the square scarf around the waist like a belt. Simply fold the scarf on itself and put it through the sides of the trousers or jeans. This brings a crazy charm to a pair of pants that are too old. Finally, the scarf can be transformed into a handbag if needed, for a bohemian chic look. You'll discover tips for tying a silk scarf.

Tying a square scarf

Tie a Square in a classic way. Take the smallest model: wrap your silk square around your neck. Tie it on around your neck: tie a square with a rock side, fold it into a triangle and wrap it around itself. Put the square scarf around your neck: tie it on the side of your neck on the side you prefer. Tie a square in a romantic style: choose a large square scarf, cover the back of your hair, letting many strands fall on your face. Tie a loose knot at the neckline.

How do I put on a square scarf?

The square knot is a very common and pretty knot often found on scarves. To make a square knot, first put the silk scarf around your neck. You have a left and a right side. Make a big S with the left side. Then take the right side and pass it inside in the middle of the two spaces formed by the S. Then put it over the tail of your S. Then go back to the starting point from the bottom. Make your right side come out at your neck in the middle of the two sides you created at the beginning. Pass this panel over your S and then put it between the two spaces at the bottom formed by the S. Finally, tighten it very gently; making sure that both sides are at the same level. That's it, your square knot is done and no more excuses not buying a silk fabric. With this technique, you can't miss your square knot. You can even do it in less than five minutes. A timeless fashion accessory and ideal for making lots of different and varied knots, it is very trendy. Whether it's for a men's silk square or a women's silk square.

The different ways to knot and wear your silk scarf

Many people wonder how to tie and wear their Hermès silk scarves in a perfect and original way. However, there are very simple techniques for a modern and trendy look. - Tie a silk square around your neck: To tie your Cartier silk square in a rather original way around your neck, simply fold the square into a triangle and position it with the point facing your chest. The second step is to make a simple knot at the nape of the neck, then tighten and pull the square up a little. And to finish, you can position the knot on the left (or right) side for a neglected effect. The trick is perfectly done! - Tie a silk square to wear as a ribbon: This technique is simple. It consists of rolling your silk square carefully, then position it at the nape of the neck, on the hair. All you have to do is curl the head and tie a simple knot just above the forehead. You can leave a few hairs visible at the front. Both sides can then be gently hidden around the ribbon! - Tie a silk square in the hair: A Hermes or Cartier square per se tied into the hair is quite attractive and elegant. It's just as simple to do. Simply fold the square into a headband and slip it under your hair. A second person could also help you tie the whole hair and make a simple knot while tightening it enough to hold the knot. The final touch is to leave the ponytail dangling for a Hippy and Chic effect! - And finally, tie a silk square around your bag: Assembling 2 accessories is the best way to stand out from your surroundings and impress everyone. The technique is quite simple, so easy to master. It consists of rolling the silk square carefully and placing it around the handles of your handbag. For a good support, we advise you to tie the square tightly enough. Everything is ready for the ride to begin!

The different dimensions of the silk squares

Silk squares are the best accessories to wear to highlight your tastes, personality and lifestyle, whether in summer or even winter. These squares can be worn on the shoulders. On the other hand, wearing Hermès squares per se around the neck or around the wrist requires mastering certain techniques to ensure that the knots are perfect and that the fabric is not damaged. There are different sizes of squares per se. You can find this accessory in its small form of 44 X 44 cm, in its medium form of 68 X 68 cm or with larger dimensions up to 135 X 135 cm.