It's not always easy to find what you want in your wardrobe, even if it's full to bursting point. Choosing clothes that match the mood of the day becomes a tedious task that can take several hours. To help you dress in style, here are our recommendations.

Men's clothing: how to choose the ideal pieces?

To be on the lookout for men's fashion, vary the colours by adapting them to the reflections of your skin and hair. If you have a fair complexion, avoid the total dark look that may overshadow your face. Similarly, if your complexion is matte, don't go for clothes that appear too light. Always find the right balance between each piece, for example, opting for navy blue pants and a beige jacket, or light grey pants and a burgundy shirt. If you don't like chino, be aware that slimming is very fashionable these days. The important thing is to choose clothes that fit you and follow every line of your silhouette. Pieces that are too tight are to be avoided, as well as pants that are too wide, which fall down and make folds on your shoes. Men's shoes come in a variety of colours and materials. The most popular material is leather. And to make you feel comfortable in your skin, choose soft and comfortable materials. In summer, wear cotton, and in winter, make wool your ally. To access many trendy pieces of men's fashion, click here.

Women's clothing: how to combine originality and elegance?

To have a glamorous and elegant look, wear clothes that fit your measurements. If you have a marked bust, prefer flowing and slightly low-cut tops. If, on the other hand, you have a small bust, opt for a top with a firmer texture, such as a denim shirt. Whatever your size, as soon as you wear a top close to the body, choose pants or a wide skirt to complete the outfit. Vice versa, if you wear a wide or flared top, go with a slim pants or straight skirt. Also avoid combining two "printed" or two "plain" pieces in the same outfit. The ideal is to combine plain and floral, plain and polka dots or plain and checked. And as for colours, prefer sober but correct tones if you go to work (beige, brown, and burgundy). Otherwise, on weekends, dare to go for brighter, more cheerful colours (pink, mauve, apple green), and reserve silver and gold clothes for special occasions. These tones can be suitable for everyday use, but in moderation (as a scarf or belt).

Buying your clothes online: our advice

Buying online is very convenient, but it can be a source of misunderstanding. To avoid disappointment, buy only the brands you already know. Also, take the time to measure yourself, and compare your measurements with the clothes published on the site. As there may be unforeseen circumstances, choose online stores that offer a free return or refund service in case of non-compliance. And if you have the possibility, buy your clothes in bulk, by going to sites like This will allow you to save a lot of money.