Clothing style is personal, and the same goes for jewellery and accessories. Next to the fashion effect, there is a preference for a design or colourful object. The choice is large but the prices are often very low for women's costume jewellery.

How to choose your jewellery and accessories?

The little finishing touch of the outfit of the day will be done according to the style and colour of the clothes, among all the jewellery and accessories at your disposal. The real choice comes when you buy a new one. You are faced with a dilemma as you can see by clicking here: buying several pieces of cheap jewellery or a more expensive accessory? This object must be a crush, a desire that turns into a need. One will be attracted by the shape or the color, but it will be this one and not another.

The jewelry corner

New for 2019 is the big comeback of the women's headline. This wide closed or open bracelet can be worn on the wrist or arm. You will find many different styles to match all your outfits from casual to sophisticate. Charms bracelets and rushes are always popular. Fancy or ceramic rings come in many designs and colors. The choker necklace with or without pendant is available as a single or multiple cord or as a chain link. The earrings are made out of colourful ceramics, jagged metal, and fabric or with tassels; they are a perfect match for wearing a headband.

The accessories

Handbags are useful, but women's accessories are more than just that. It is no less essential and reflects the character of the wearer: small and discreet, in shoulder strap or pouch, large and tote, grunge or classic, bobo or backpack shaped. Among the other accessories, the one with the wind in its sails is the hair band, one colour per outfit, depending on the mood of the day. The key ring can be worn as a charm, hanging from the handbag or jacket. The scarf is also a sure value, many colours and styles are available. The choice is not simple; we can even say that it is multiple.