Summer and winter, women like to wear dresses to feel elegant. Just like jewellery and handbags, shoes are an essential part of the outfit. It is therefore essential to choose your pair of shoes carefully, trying to combine comfort and style. To guide you in your choice of shoes to wear with a dress, here are our tips!

Shoes to wear in winter

Winter is a season when wearing a dress can be particularly chic, instead of hiding in big sweaters. However, don't forget the weather conditions, so choose a pair of shoes that will both keep your feet warm and protect them from possible dampness. The best option is a pair of comfortable women's boots or a pair of boots. Accompanied by a pair of pantyhose, fancy or not, these two models are perfect for winter. The ideal is to buy at least two pairs for the season: a pair of soft leather boots with flat heels for those bad weather days, and a pair with suede heels for a more chic look on cold but dry days.

Shoes to wear in mid-season

In mid-season, the choice of the pair of shoes that accompanies your dress on a daily basis depends on your desires. You can choose comfort boots for women or other lighter pairs such as ballerinas or derbies. Boots, worn even without tights if you wish, are a good option for mid-season, when the weather is no longer winter but not quite summery yet. To style the whole thing, why not opt for a pair of varnished, undeniably elegant boots? Finally, to accompany an evening dress, or for a special occasion - wedding, christening or other - prefer pumps or sandals with heels; but above all don't forget the spare pair of flat-heeled shoes (ballerinas) in your bag so you can enjoy the evening without your feet hurting!

Shoes to wear in summer

In summer, women tend to add more fantasy to their shoes. They like to accompany their dresses with small flat or heeled sandals, usually in colour. This is indeed a chance to indulge themselves, but don't forget the comfort of their feet. For this, prefer sandals with covered heels and leather soles. Also avoid flip-flops, which are not elegant with a dress and, what's more, are not recommended by health professionals for the good of your feet. For the summer season, a pair of ballerinas is your essential joker to accessorize a dress: simple but always effective. Finally, don't forget that the trend is to wear white sneakers, even with a dress! This makes it more casual while feeling comfortable and at ease for long walks in the sun.